Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Following Up on Celery in My California Garden

I posted earlier about planting celery for the first time.  At first it languished from my inexperience and lack of H2O.  Watering deeply has created a pseudo-bog condition for this one little plant*.  Now it is flourishing (I guess on a relative basis).

Plant has grown taller and greener with additional water.

Stalks revealed.
As I have done a bit of reading since planting the celery, I find many descriptions including this is a plant which requires additional attention.  If I wanted to preserve a less green stalk, I would bury the plant in soil much like one does when creating white asparagus.  Too much work for my taste.  I'll just enjoy it with its robust coloring and flavor.

Here is the part I am excited about.  Much like leaf lettuce which can be used as needed leaving the plant to produce more, the same goes for the celery plant.  So once the stalks get a bit larger, I can harvest a few at each meal as needed.  That's awesome.

*Water is from gray water created when I wash the lettuce from my garden.

1 comment:

Christian said...

I dig the water recycling. Most days I use the faucet at work to bring home a gallon or so of water for some plants I can't reach with my hose. Thanks, work!


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