Thursday, April 21, 2011

Earth Day--Billion Acts of Green

Friday, April 22, is Earth Day.  If you are reading this your probably care just a bit more than the average person on the street about the impact we have on our environment.  The theme this year is Billion Acts of Green encouraging us all to do our part to green up the world we live in.

Here are things I am doing to be greener this year.

  1. Meatless Monday--My eldest son became a vegetarian about a year ago.  I'm not ready to make that commitment but I do try to include beans as my protein at one or more meals a week.  I love baked beans atop a slice of toasted whole wheat toast or cuddled in the top of a piping hot baked potato. 
  2. Gray water.  This winter I grew lots of lettuce.  I washed my lettuce and had three pans always handy to catch the rinse water.  This went out to the veggie garden or out to the gardenias which are under an overhang and don't get the pleasure of the rains falling on them.
  3. Composting!  Easy as can be.  Either out to the small composter or into the green waste receptacle provided by the city sanitation department.  
  4. LED lights in the kitchen.  They are a bit whiter light than incandescent but the energy savings...oh, la, la.
  5. Plastic bags.  I don't always remember to bring my reusable bags when I shop.  I do, however, have no problem with carrying an item to the car sans bag.  So, no bag at book stores, the shoes are already in a box, and if it can tuck in my purse, off I go.
What are you doing as an act of green?

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