Thursday, April 14, 2011

Don't Taunt Me, Hummingbirds

One lovely thing (among many) about living in California is the abundance of hummingbirds.  But these small, fast moving creatures have been taunting me this spring.  Every time I have been out in the garden this spring without my camera, they swoop in on me and sip nectar from the various flowers in my garden.

Over the weekend, I was picking some radishes.  Apparently, the little hummingbird did not see me because he came within six inches of where I was.   Literally, six inches--no exaggeration.  If I had been in the movie, "The Matrix," I definitely would have been able to reach out and touch him.

There he was, that close, but alas, no camera.  Mental photo only.

Thankfully, the h-birds are not mean spirited like the birds were in Alfred Hitchcock's movie, "The Birds."   It is a little disconcerting the first time you encounter them in the garden.  Their wings flap so quickly, they sound just like a humongous buzzing mosquito on steroids. However, they basically are interested in nectar not in pecking the gardener.

Yesterday, I was sitting at my desk and saw one of the hummingbirds outside the window.  I grabbed my camera, and through the window, captured this photo.  Not a bad capture from inside the house--digital zoom engaged.

My goal this summer is to get an amazing hummingbird photo.  You know the one I mean:  hummingbird, sipping nectar, wings stopped in motion as if he is defying gravity, iridescent colors of his feathers shining in the sunlight.  

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Alexis E. said...

My husband and I like to stroll a local nursery and watch the humming birds. Occasionally we'll see one stop, sit still for a while and we fell like we've witnessed something amazing.


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