Sunday, July 02, 2006

Bamboo Teepees with Beans

With adequate sunshine and water, the pole beans are filling the bamboo teepees. I noticed a spot where a few more beans could grow. On Thursday I planted about twelve more bean seeds. They have already popped up! This will provide a later crop of beans to be enjoyed in the early autumn.


Anthony said...

I like how you connected two teepees together with string. That's a good idea. Do you get a bean wall when it all fills in?

California Gardener in Zone 23 said...

Yes. A few years ago, I created a children's "Secret Room" with the wall of leaves the beans create. We had some friend with small children who loved going into the "living" room. I placed a couple of pavers inside so they had a place to sit.

About attaching the top with string. After I had made the teepees this year, I saw an idea I am considering for next. It involves using zip ties instead of the string. I really like the string look and the recyclability of the string (its cotton string, so into the composter it goes), but I like the structural integrity the zip ties would provide.


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