Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Eat 5 to 9 a Day

Not only does gardening provide me with a great hobby, it also allows me to get my five to nine a day. During the summer with the garden right outside my kitchen door, I can easily get my daily vegetable and fruit servings, no problem.

Fruits and vegetables can be divided into color categories. My garden contains at least one item from each color group: green (peas), red(tomatoes), orange/yellow(pumpkin/acorn squash, blue (eggplant), and white (onions). Check to see what veg and fruit colors you have in your garden.


Repellent Review said...

I love fresh fruit, but limit myself on it with the extra carbs. I made fruit smoothies all of one summer and wondered why I wasn't losing weight. Eating more of the veggies than fruits has helped me.

California Gardener in Zone 23 said...

You have to watch the fruit smoothies! They are delish...but loaded.


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